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His positive and confident attitude and his relaxed, devil-may-care style make him a guy who's much in demand.

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He can befriend everyone at the bar and is often a better friend than lover. He has a restless spirit that needs change and variety, and he's sometimes morally slippery. Though this makes him the perfect candidate for an intense, rough-and-ready hook-up, commitment can be a problem. Younger Sagittarians are likely to be a no-go for long-term love, but the Sagittarius man who's sewn his wild oats already and is given a little space and understanding can be a fun and loving long-term partner for the right man. The Sagittarian man is not as interested in a committed relationship as a Libra man.

Having fun is probably his biggest single requirement in a partner. If he enjoys a man's company, the man is halfway there. Good sex takes care of the other half. As a sexual partner, he's highly physical, open, direct, bold, and passionate. He's spontaneous, talkative, exploratory, never afraid to try something new or different, and wants to have fun. He likes his sexual encounters to be spicy and wants his sex partner to take him to exotic places he's never been before.

Libra is ruled by Venus and Sagittarius by Jupiter.

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When Libra and Sagittarius meet, it brings together the two benefic planets. This is a romantic coupling that has a strong need for growth, good humor, fun, and a very active social life. As a couple, Libra and Sagittarius bring out the best in each other. Both are intelligent, politically astute, and have a social conscience. Much of their time together will be spent out and about, engaging as many people as possible and participating in all the social activities they both love.

Venus working together with Jupiter gives enough romance, sexual desire, and tenderness to this relationship that it just might have a fairy tale ending. However, even if the romantic relationship should end, it will have brought both joy and happiness while it lasted, and most likely a friend for life. Yes, sex is a very big deal for this couple, but not just run-of- mill sex. Their time in bed will be fun, playful, and exciting.

They'll be experimental, try a lot of things, and all they do will be followed by a smile and a sense of lightness.

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Libra is a gentle and sensitive sign, and he can be hurt by Sagittarian's tell it like it is bluntness and lack of tact. Ever restless and on the go, Sagittarius can become impatient with Libra, who takes forever to make up his mind.

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Certainly, jealousy raising its ugly head in this relationship could be the kiss of death. However, thanks in large part to their ruling planets, Venus and Jupiter, this relationship has a freshness and zest about it that helps to overcome almost any difficulty. Of course, that doesn't mean all of this comes easily, but it does help that the primary focus of their relationship is to make one another happy in every way.

While the Sun is a good place to start, it's really just the beginning. Astrologers also look at the moon sign , the rising sign , as well as Venus and Mars placements , and most consider them just as important.

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Add that to the subtle influences of the Twelve Houses , the planetary aspects between the two charts, and other non-celestial factors not revealed in the chart, such as cultural background, family history, gender, up-bringing, and sexual orientation, it becomes quickly apparent that Sun sign compatibility alone can't easily predict the outcome of a relationship.

The gay Libra man and the gay Sagittarius man have a natural affinity for one another, and there's an ease about their relationship that can kindle the fires of love. Neither Libra nor Sagittarius likes stagnancy or the feeling that anything in their life has become dull, and the hot stuff between them can keep their life together interesting and each on his toes. However, their immediate attraction can easily translate itself to a love relationship with few issues or into an enduring friendship.

It's really up to to the couple to decide if they're better suited for hanging out or making out. Many other aspects of your chart affect who you are e. So to really know if you will be compatible, the best way to tell is to have a Vedic Astrology Compatibility Report based on both of your birth times. See an example of a Vedic Astrology Compatibility Report further down on this page. If you are already dating someone, you may like to request a Compatibility Report to see if you are compatible astrologically.

The Best Gay & Lesbian Zodiac Sign Compatibility Matches In Love [Happy Gay Pride Month, Everyone!]

Dating someone can involve a lot of time, emotions and commitment. Why waste all energy and risk damaging your finest level of feelings for the wrong person? Join our Compatibility Club and we will find a match for you that is astrologically compatible and compatible in practical ways too.

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Then you can get to know them and slowly fall in love over time. This is the Eastern approach to love. Whereas in the West, we often based our partner choices on lust and not much else.

The Ultimate Gay Zodiac Compatibility Guide

As we mentioned above, the person you may be a great match with could be a totally different sign. Their Lagna or sun sign could be totally different to the one you thought you were most compatible with. It is more complex and nuanced and the outcomes are often far more profound. Why not let us find you a match by comparing your chart to that of other LA Compatibility Club members that meet your selection criteria? A lot of our Los Angeles Club members are very spiritual and into meditation techniques like Transcendental Meditation TM or Mindfulness or other meditation techniques.

Many practice Pilates, martial arts, the Wim Hof Method, yoga or other metaphysical techniques. Many are also into eating healthy Ayurvedic food, walking in nature, keeping fit, biking, lifting weights and so on.